2'x2' DIY Portable CNC Plasma/Router with Z-Axis (No Motors/Electronics)


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Table with Plasma Torch Mount Table with Router Mounted

Redline Innovation is proud to bring to market a High Quality 2' x 2' DIY CNC table. A 2'x2' table is ideal for Prototyping, Small Businesses, and the Dedicated Home Hobbyist. This economical package will give the user the ability to have “touch and go” plasma cutting as well as the ability to quickly convert the motorized Z-Axis to accept a router. From the rubber feet attached to the zinc and powder coated frame to the beautifully machined heavy duty Z-Axis; there is no shortage of quality with this table.

Since this is a DIY solution to a CNC table, you are not stuck with some machine package the manufacturer says is right for you, you are able to source the additional components that are right for YOU. To get this table running all the end user needs to do is source the motor/control package and the control software. Pending the electronics package you choose and what you currently have; it is possible to have a touch and go CNC plasma table with routing capabilities for under $2,000!

Being a DIY Kit, some assembly will be required. We provide ONLY THE MECHANICS to the system. Motors, Electronics, Software, Router and/or a Plasma Unit are required to have a complete CNC system; these are NOT PROVIDED.

Carriage Carriage

Z-Axis with Plasma Torch Mount Z-Axis with Nothing Mounted Z-Axis with Router Mounted

Z-Axis Z-Axis Z-Axis

What is included/specifications:

- 25"x25" Cutting Area

- 2x2 Tube Frame – Zinc Plated and Blue Powdercoat

- Machined Aluminum Z-Axis

- Universal Plasma Torch Holder with Floating Torch Switch for “Touch and Go” Plasma Cutting

- Router Mount (For Porter Cable 7310) – Router NOT Included

- 6 Wheel Carriages – Wheels/Bearings are Cam Adjustable

- Nema 23 Motor compatible (1/4” Shafts Required)

- Gear/Gear Rack is Used Instead of Cheap Lead Screws with Plastic Bushings. Using gear rack allows for faster machine movement (faster than 300 ipm); while a Lead Screw has a max movement of about 150 ipm. The Gear/Gear Rack combination still has a 0.001” Resolution when using tenth step drives.

- Nylon Gears for Smoother and Quieter operation

What is still required to build a complete system:

Motors and Electronics:

– A quick search on eBay for 4 axis Nema 23 CNC will yield quite a few different low cost packages that include 4 motors, a driver board, and a power supply. These can be had for $150+ NEW.

Some other useful Motor/Electronics Packages/Sources (Confirm Compatibility Before Purchasing):

http://deepgroove1.com/gecko/geckodriver.htm - $600

http://www.candcnc.com/ - $1000+


EMC2 $FREE - http://www.linuxcnc.org/

Software Bundle $300 - http://www.candcnc.com/

Mach3 (PC to Machine Interface)

SheetCAM (CAM Software)

This kit consists of the gantry and rail mechanics of a CNC table. Everything else needs to be sourced by the customer. It requires (Qty 4) nema 23 stepper motors with 1/4” shafts.

Since this is mechanics only kit, support for anything other than the mechanical components included in this kit needs to be sourced from the vender whom you purchased from.

*Redline Innovation LLC has no affiliation with any of the companies/links provided, nor does it make any guarantees regarding such vendors/links and compatibility.

Email: info@redlineinnovation.com